DEERS Workshop 2021

Welcome to DEERS 2021!

We are thrilled to have everyone join us for this cohort of DEERS! There are some exciting projects that are being proposed and we can’t wait to get started!

If you have any questions and need to get in contact with Jeff, Sarah, or Mark, please email

All meetings, including office hours and our daily sessions, will be held on the same Zoom link. See your email for the link or the pinned post in the deers-2021 Slack channel.

Workshop Schedule

Daily: Before Coming // Monday // Tuesday // Wednesday // Thursday

General Schedule

  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT: Open Office Hours / Morning Coffee - Come ask any questions you want to Sarah, Jeff, and Mark and hang out with other attendees! (completely optional)
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT: Daily Session
    • Introduction to topic of the day (reviewing some material from previous night’s video)
    • Individual or group activity developing your research question or plan
    • Break (15 minutes)
    • Divide into “tables” in Zoom breakout rooms to present and get feedback from peers
    • Group rejoins for overall discussion
    • Short session to introduce the overnight videos / material

Daily Topics

See the days below for what we will cover each day, along with your homework!

Discussion Channels

  • We will primarily be using Zoom for synchronous content, YouTube for asynchronous lecture content, and Slack for general chat (outside of synchronous meetings).
  • The full YouTube playlist can be found here.
  • For Zoom meetings, see your email or the pinned post in the deers-2021 Slack channel.
  • To join the DEERS slack, see the invitation via email sent from Mark via Slack.