Is It Interesting?

How would you know if the [thing] you are investigating is “interesting” or not? If you are deciding whether to look into it or not, then you probably think it’s interesting on some level. But what about the community? Is it interesting enough to garner attention and have some level of impact?

There’s a balance here you have to determine. The [thing] needs to be interesting enough that you and the community would want to know more about it, but it has to not be so “interesting” that it has already been investigated to the point that there may not be a lot more to say on the [thing].

The best way to start navigating this question is to ask! There are numerous venues and communities where you can engage with other like-minded CSEd researchers! Don’t be afraid to reach out through:

  • The sigcse-members mailing list
  • The Teaching-Track Piazza board
  • The SIGCSE Technical Symposium has several opportunities for networking and discussion (along with the other education conferences - ITiCSE, ICER, CompEd, FIE, ASEE, etc.)
  • Other like-minded faculty at your institution (doesn’t even have to be in computer science!)

After you get some feedback from the community and your colleagues, you should do a literature search. This can help you not only narrow your question to a specific need that needs to be filled in the body of knowledge, but also you’ll build up your reference list for a future paper!

There are other resources your university library can point you to as well!